4 Pieces Of Information You Need Before Renting A Crane

Cranes are used in a wide variety of situations. They allow you to lift and maneuver materials into position that are too heavy to lift otherwise. If you are looking to rent one of these pieces of machinery, there are a few pieces of information you need to gather before finalizing your rental. To make sure you get everything you need to complete your project on time, consider the following. Read More 

How To Deodorize Your Garbage Disposal With Lemons

Garbage disposals have a reputation for being stinky because of all the various foods that goes down the drain. Fortunately, you can counter the stench with another type of food--lemon. Follow these handy at-home tricks for deodorizing your garbage disposal. Why Lemon? Lemons are a type of citrus fruit that provide a strong yet refreshing scent that will linger in your sink. Not only do they improve the disposal's smell, the rough surface of the skin can clean the blades. Read More 

Battling Tree Roots In Your Sewer? It May Be Time To Replace The Line

Tree roots are big problems for sewer lines. Once they work their way inside your sewer pipe, they'll keep growing until they clog up your drain. Even if you have a rooter service clear out the roots, they'll eventually grow back. As the roots wiggle into tiny cracks in the pipe, they make the damage worse. Your sewer line may eventually crumble and collapse on itself. The only way to stop root damage is to replace the sewer line so roots are blocked from getting inside the pipe. Read More 

Comparing Water- And Oil-Based Paint

Paints come in a wide variety of brands and colors, but can be broadly categorized into two main types, oil- and water-based. Because each type of paint is based off of a different material, they provide a different set of benefits and drawbacks. When considering painting or repainting a part of your home, understanding the differences between oil- and water-based paints can help you choose the best option for your needs. Read More 

Doing The Heavy Lifting: How Crane Rentals Help Get Any Job Done

Even if you're not in the construction industry, you've probably seen a lot of cranes. They're everywhere in large cities, and can even be spotted with some frequency in rural areas. And for good reason--cranes, put simply, can help get a variety of jobs done more quickly, more easily, and more safely than almost any other single piece of large construction equipment. Take a look below at a few different types of cranes, and how renting one can help you finish your professional or personal project long before the deadline. Read More