Tips For Repairing Gaps In Windows And Doors

The windows and doors to your home provide a barrier to keep cold air out in the winter and cool air inside during the summer months. A properly sealed window and door can help provide an excellent barrier of insulation to keep your house comfortable. If you see a gap in either your door or a window, you can easily fix it if you follow some of these helpful tips.

Choose Good Materials

When it comes to finding the best sealants, make sure they are completely weatherproof and designed for exterior use. Make sure you choose a sealant that is paintable so that you can match up the trim on your windows and doors. Otherwise, the color of the sealant will stick out like a sore thumb. Good quality caulk and silicone sealant material should last for several years without any upkeep needed. As caulk ages, it can lose its ability to contract and expand, causing it to crack. Use a high quality filling material so you know the sealing job will hold up well over time and find one that is specially designed for windows and doors instead of interior spaces like the bathroom.

Apply Sealant Properly

Part of the key to a good re-sealing job on your windows and doors is making sure you apply the material correctly. Use a caulking gun that is dripless so you don't end up with a mess as you work and end up having to go back to clean up the excess. Cut the caulking tube tip just a small bit larger than the crack you are going to seal. Work very slowly, applying a small amount of sealant at a time as you keep an even pressure on the trigger of the caulk gun. Hold the gun at an angle of about forty-five degrees as you go. This will help to ensure that you're getting a nice, even application. If you end up with too much material, use a caulk smoother that you can find at most hardware stores. These little tools can push the excess sealant deep into the crack or hole, adding even more protection and helping the finished product look smooth and even.

Other Options

When it comes to sealing a gap in your windows and doors, caulking it is not the only option. For drafty doors, install a new piece of weatherstripping to the bottom to help close the gap. Purchase expanding foam insulation spray to close up really large gaps in areas that are not as prevalent in terms of being seen by visitors. This material is great for filling in larger holes and works fast to close up any gaps, providing great insulation to boot. Just be sure to cut it down and sand it smooth once it's dry so it looks presentable. As long as you can provide a tight seal all around the perimeter of your home's windows and doors, you should be able to keep the temperature inside comfortable and prevent drafts from getting in.

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