Putting Up A Wall Decal In Your Office? Here Are Two Things To Ask First

A good-quality wall decal can be a good way to perk up your office space. It can make a striking visual statement about your company, or simply offer viewers something attractive to look at throughout the day. However, in order to ensure the decal will work well in your office space, here are some things to ask yourself before putting one up.

Is the Decal a Good Representation of Your Business?

The first thing you need to ask yourself before you put a wall decal up in your office is whether the decal suits your business. You may like pastoral scenes and have a custom decal designed to incorporate that into your office, but if you are trying to brand your business as a modern, urban solution, that may not be the best choice. Do your best to choose a decal design that is an extension of your other branding materials by using similar fonts, colors and logos.

A good way to find out whether your intended decal is appropriate for your business is to take an informal poll of employee opinions. Your employees can give you feedback about whether the decal is a good match for the office. In order to empower your employees, you might even consider allowing them to choose between two decal designs.

Is the Wall Clean Before You Apply the Decal?

When you want to put up a new decal, you might be be so excited that you want to put it on the wall right away. However, in order for the adhesive to stick to the wall properly, it is critical that the wall be cleaned and allowed to dry completely. If you don't clean the wall, bits of dust and other particles can create a bumpy background for the decal and instead of a smooth seal that lasts over time, the decal may peel off sooner than you expect.

To clean the wall, use a sponge and a solution of water and liquid detergent. This should clear away dust easily. For stains, spot clean them with a paste made of water and baking soda before trying cleaners that contain harsh chemicals that could interact with the paint on the wall.

If you keep the above things in mind when you decide to put a wall decal in your office, you should be able to enjoy a great-looking decal that serves your office for years to come. For more help, contact a graphics business, such as Alberta Graphic and Tinting Graphics, to help you throughout the process.