The Natural Choice: Why You Should Deck Your Yurt With Railings Of Aluminum

Yurt owners generally place their round homes on decks and often install railings around part or all of the deck perimeter. While wood may seem like the obvious "natural" material to use for railings, there are 3 reasons why aluminum railings are a better choice.

1. Aluminum is stronger and more weather-proof than wood.

Powder-coated aluminum railing components are engineered to exceed most local building codes, meaning they can stand up to heavy and frequent use by family and visitors. Victoria Deck Ltd aluminum handrail systems are sturdy enough to support big leaning types and safe enough to protect children from falls.

The latest coatings also protect the aluminum finish from degrading due to temperature extremes and high humidity. Colors won't fade in the sun, and properly-sealed aluminum railings won't rust or corrode.

Wood balusters and railings are often attacked by termites, bees, and carpenter aunts. They can mold or dry rot and suddenly crack or split. Sunlight and rain do significant damage to wood as do frigid or blistering temperatures. You'll have to regularly seal or paint wood railings to protect them from the elements, while aluminum railings don't require much attention aside from a basic cleaning now and then.

2. Nature looks more vivid through an aluminum railing.

A wood railing may seem to blend in to the scenery, but the truth is, wooden balusters must be made thick enough to support human weight. This means they often block the view.

Aluminum railings are designed with low-profile balusters and horizontal supports to open up the view around your yurt. You can even order aluminum-framed, tempered-glass panels in place of balusters to completely make your deck a part of your natural surroundings. Wood-framed railings with thin aluminum balusters are another option that combines the best qualities of both materials.

Aluminum railings are available in several standard colors, from gray to brown, and can be custom finished in any color you desire. Forest green or deep brown railings will blend in with your yurt's location as easily as wooden railings will.

3. Modern railings update your yurt deck design.

There are many options in today's aluminum railing marketplace. You can find simple designs as well as elaborate sheets of aluminum with cutout lodge designs or cowboy motifs. Railings come in sleek, modern designs or reproductions of historic wrought-iron railings.

Installing new aluminum railings around your yurt deck instantly updates the look of your humble abode while providing superior fall protection to the people who enjoy its comforts.

Your local deck and railing professionals will be happy to show you the various designs in aluminum railings that will be perfectly suited for your yurt's home base.