Comparing Water- And Oil-Based Paint

Paints come in a wide variety of brands and colors, but can be broadly categorized into two main types, oil- and water-based. Because each type of paint is based off of a different material, they provide a different set of benefits and drawbacks. When considering painting or repainting a part of your home, understanding the differences between oil- and water-based paints can help you choose the best option for your needs.

Water Based Paints

Water based paints, also sometimes called latex paints, are extremely easy to apply, and have a thinner consistency than oil-based paints do. This means that they are extremely easy to spread over a large surface area. Additionally, water based paints can be easily cleaned up if spilled using normal dish soap and warm water as long as it hasn't dried, which makes accidental drips and drops a much smaller problem. It should also be noted that water based paints dry extremely quickly, which means that they will not sag or dry with ripples as oil based paints sometimes can.

However, because of its thinner consistency, it is much more likely for water based paints to drip or run as they are drying, which can result in tracks along the painted surface. You can avoid this by painting multiple coats, and going over drips again as soon as they develop but before they can dry.

Oil Based Paints

Oil based paints are more expensive than water based paints, and as such are not as common. However, oil based paints provide a great deal of durability when compared to water based paints, and will stand up to weather exposure and general wear and tear much better than water based paints will. You can even scrub dried oil based paint in order to remove dirt and grime without having to worry about damaging the paint itself. Additionally, oil based paint does not dry as quickly as water based paint, which makes it easier to apply smoothly and evenly.

However, you will have to wear a respirator while painting, as the fumes from oil based paints are toxic. Additionally, any spills or drops will have to be cleaned up using paint thinner before the paint dries, as the durability of oil based paints makes it extremely hard to remove if it gets somewhere it shouldn't be. Finally, the application of oil based paints will take longer, as it takes longer for the paint itself to dry.

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