Four Features To Add To Your Custom Railing For Practical Uses

If you need to have new railings installed, you may be looking at different designs for your new railing. These can include custom railings that are made of glass and aluminum or railings that have practical features such as seating, lighting and planters built into them. If you want to have practical uses for your new railing, here are some unique design ideas that you will be sure to love:

1. Giving Railings A Modern Look With Integrated Lighting Ideas

If you want to have lighting, integrating it into your railings can be a great way to get more outdoor lighting. This can be done with the addition of post caps that have lights in them. Another way you can do this if your railings do not have post caps is to use strip lighting. LED strip lighting can be a great way to give nighttime illumination to glass and metal railings.

2. Adding Unique Seating To Your Custom Railings

You may also want to add seating to your railings. With custom railings, this can be done in several different ways. You can have bench seats added to the railings to provide seating. You can also use unique forms with metal railings to create seating that blends in with more contemporary designs. You can also combine this with glass and metal railings by making some sections of the railing include seating features.

3. Using Railings For Green Space With The Addition Of Planters

Railings can also be a great place to add green space. If you want to have an outdoor garden, planters can be integrated into the custom railings. These can be planters around seats, at the top of railings, or even a vertical garden design with planters at several different heights on your railing. You may want to incorporate several of these ideas into your railings to create more green space.

4. Add Privacy And Cool Shade With Screens And Arbors

If you want to add privacy with your railings, the addition of screens made from lattice or wood can be a great feature to railings. You can also add things like arbors to give buildings cool shaded areas. This is something that can be done with wood or metal to fit any type of design.  Privacy screens that are made of custom metalwork can be a great addition to a contemporary design.

These are some unique and practical design ideas that you may want to have added to your custom railings. If you need to have new railings installed on a deck, porch or patio, contact a custom railing contractor and talk with them about some of these design ideas.