3 Excellent Pipeline Maintenance Tips

When you want to be sure that you are able to take good care of your pipeline, there are some great pieces of information that you need to keep in mind. These pipelines are incredibly useful, in that they transport gas, oil and other utilities, but also come with risk. If you operate a pipeline and always want to make sure that you are doing what you can to safeguard it, consider some of the following tips to help you out. 

Tip #1: Promote Back Health And Safety

According to statistics, millions of Canadians, upwards of 90 percent, deal with some form of lower back pain. This puts people at risk and can leave some of your workers out of commission, in addition to leaving you open to workman's compensation liability. To prevent this, make sure that you promote proper technique, hand out back braces and make sure that they are taking plenty of breaks. This will allow you to foster efficiency and safety throughout your worksite and will allow you to get more work done throughout each project. 

Tip #2: Make The Most Of Protective Coatings

You'll want to be sure that you provide coating to your pipes, so that you can prevent premature degradation to your pipes. In choosing protective maintenance coatings, you should be sure that you consider some of the following elements:

  • Make sure that your coating handles mold and mildew prevention 
  • Be certain that the coating can hold up to blunt impact
  • Use coating solutions that provide chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Utilize coatings that protect your pH and ground moisture levels

Tip #3: Have A Professional Inspect Your Job Site

In order to be sure that you are able to get the most out of your work site, you'll need to have a professional contractor give you the inspection that you need. During one of these inspections, they will make sure that your employees are operating equipment safely, catching leaks and helping you to find lapses that can leave you open for future damage. By voluntarily getting these inspections, you know that you will be in good hands and able to upgrade and protect your work site, while also avoiding infractions from surprise inspections by your local municipality. 

Take advantage of these three tips, so that you are making the most out of your time working with and maintaining your pipeline through the years. Contact Precision Gradall Ltd for more information.