How To Decide Which Heating Oil Is Best For You

It's critical to make sure that your home is properly heated throughout the winter, or else any cold months will be miserable. In order to avoid this misery, make sure that you have the right heating oil for your situation. Look at the details of these three main types of heating oils and see which is best for you.

1. Standard Heating Oil

Standard heating oil, also known as #2 heating oil, is the most common type of oil that is sold on the market. It can be used in most residential furnaces and tends to be cheaper than the other types of heating oils listed below because it is not nearly as refined. By skipping the refining step, the company that is selling you the oil can cut prices and pass the savings directly onto you.

However, because the heating oil is less refined, it needs to be stored indoors. If you store this type of heating oil outdoors or have an outdoor heater, there is a strong chance that the oil will turn into a gel when the temperatures drop. This makes it almost useless.

2. Blended Heating Fuel

Blended heating fuel has been designed specifically for situations where the heating tank or fuel is located in a sheltered, but not totally enclosed location. This fuel is cheaper than straight kerosene but slightly more expensive than standard heating oil because it is a mix of the two types of oil. Companies will vary the amount of each, but the tendency is to have roughly half of the blended heating fuel be made out of kerosene and the other half made out of standard heating oil. As a result, this type of heating oil will be able to bear slightly hotter temperatures without turning into a gel. It still needs some protection however.

3. Kerosene

Kerosene has been refined to the point where there are very few impurities. As a result, kerosene can be stored outside or used in an outside heater without any problem, even if the temperature should drop below freezing. You need kerosene if your heater is stored outside or if you need to store the heating fuel itself outside. Because kerosene is much more expensive, you need to make sure that you actually need its ability to withstand the cold in order for it to be worth the price.

If you feel that you are using the wrong type of heating oil, contact a heating professional like Summers & Smith Cooling & Heating today.