Adding Rough-In Plumbing To Your New Basement: A Smart Choice

The new house you're having built will include a basement, but you don't plan to use it for any sort of daily living activity. Nevertheless, strongly consider having a certain amount of plumbing roughed in even if you can't imagine ever changing your mind. Life can throw some unexpected curve balls, and one day you might wish you had a bathroom or certain appliances down there. In addition, having that plumbing work done before the house is built can make it easier to sell one day. 

The Advantage of Rough-In Plumbing

It's a smart choice to have enough plumbing installed in the basement so you can have a plumber more easily add features in the future. Including this amount of plumbing in the cost of your new home construction is relatively low, especially if you'll include it as part of the mortgage balance that will be paid over a number of years. 

If you don't have the work done now and you change your mind later, a plumber will need to cut through concrete walls to get the job done. If you never have it done and eventually put your house up for sale, some prospective buyers will notice this problem and consider what it will cost to have the plumbing added. 

The Potential for a Future Bathroom

You might not believe you'll ever want a bathroom in the basement, but countless other homeowners once felt the same way. Then, life happened. An adult child needed to move back in -- perhaps with his or her own small child. Or an unmarried homeowner made the decision to marry someone who likes to have overnight guests fairly often. Suddenly, the need for an additional bathroom became apparent. 

At least have the plumbing set up so that later on, a plumber can easily install a commode and sink. Even better, make it easy for this plumber to add a shower as well. 

The Option of Basement Appliances

If you have an upstairs laundry room, you may never want to have a washing machine in the basement. However, you or the next owner might one day decide that a water softener or a whole-house water filtration system is desirable. 

The Next Step

Tell your building contractor about your new interest in additional plumbing for the basement and find out the cost. If you're managing the construction on your own, talk directly with a plumber, like Archie Johnstone Plumbing & Heating Ltd Plumbing. Feel good about your decision and know you've made the smart choice.