Home Inspections: Separating Fact From Fiction

When considering the purchase of a home, a home inspection will be one of the most beneficial tools you have at your disposal. However, in order to truly enjoy all of the benefits that these inspection services have to offer, you will first need to be able to put the common myths surrounding these services to the side and discover the facts behind them. This information outlined below can help you to accomplish this task by exposing several of the most common myths regarding home inspection services.

Myth: An Appraisal Can Take The Place Of An Inspection

Most mortgage lenders will require you to have the property appraised before you are able to secure the financing you need to purchase this property. All too often, potential home buyers assume that this appraisal takes the place of a home inspection and therefore fail to follow up with an inspection of their own, especially if the appraisal turns out well. However, the truth is, an appraisal of the property's value is completely different than an inspection of the property. Consequently, these two services are not interchangeable.

Myth: There Is No Reason For You To Be Present During A Home Inspection

While home inspectors will not require you to be present at the time of an inspection, it can be extremely beneficial to tag along. This is because the report that you receive once the inspection is complete may not include observations that are not covered under the inspector's checklist. These reports may also include technical language which may be difficult to understand or can be easily misinterpreted. Choosing to be present at the time of your home inspection will allow the inspector to share valuable information with you regarding the current condition of the property. The inspector will also be able to provide you with advice regarding any necessary repairs and will be able to clarify any information that you may struggle to understand when reading the inspection report.

Myth: An Inspection Guarantees That Nothing Will Go Wrong With The Property

While home inspectors are well-trained professionals with the ability to effectively spot problems within a home, having an inspection completed prior to buying the property does not guarantee that additional repairs will not be required. This is because a home inspection is a visual inspection only. This means that the inspector will not take apart any household appliances, look behind walls, or pull up flooring materials in order to examine the hidden structural aspects of the property. Consequently, there simply is not way to guarantee what repairs home ownership will bring your way.

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