Trying Your Hand At Welding? Use These 4 Tips To Get Off To A Good Start

Welding can be a fascinating, enjoyable hobby if you take the time to learn to do it right. Welding takes skill to learn well, and that skill only comes from learning the proper techniques and practicing them. Here are some tips to help you learn.

Start Small

It's easy to become overwhelmed by a welding project if you choose something difficult for your first project. You may want to just get a few pieces of sheet metal to start out with, or choose something fairly simple on your property. That way, mistakes are easy to fix and you can feel like you've accomplished something when your small project is done.

Clean Off Your Surface

A lot of beginners make the mistake of welding as soon as they get a piece in their hands. However, if you want a proper weld and a clean arc, you're going to need a clean surface to start with. Clean off the metal that you plan to weld and make sure it is free from debris and dirt before you begin. Make sure it is dry and free from rust, so that your work can be more easily and completely done.

Get the Proper Tungsten for Your Project

Many beginners opt for red tungsten for every weld they do, but it is preferable to choose the proper tungsten for the metals that you're welding. Red is usually used for steel, and green tungsten is usually used for aluminum. You may want to try using both types of tungsten of different kinds of sheet metals to observe the differences, so that you know which will work better for the project that you're doing.

Avoid Letting the Tungsten Tip Touch the Puddle

As you weld, it can become difficult to handle the tip if you aren't used to doing so. The tip of your tungsten needs to stay off the puddle created by the welding process. If it doesn't, the arc will veer away from where you're trying to work. If your tungsten tip touches the puddle, you must regrind it to get your project back on track.

With the tips in this article, you are sure to get off to a good start with welding. If you get stuck on a project, or need a professional touch to finish what you've started, get in touch with a welding contractor, such as Underpressure Welding Inc., who can help you complete your project.