Three Very Useful Features For Any Custom Bathroom Cabinet

While custom cabinets cost significantly more than cabinets that are mass produced, their higher quality is well worth the premium. This quality comes from both a generally higher standard of craftsmanship and the ability to adapt a cabinet's design to your particular bathroom. In order to ensure that your cabinet fits your bathroom as much as possible, make sure that you seriously consider these three features.

Mirror Display

In a bathroom, mirrors are always a useful addition. Just because you probably already have a mirror above the sink in your bathroom doesn't mean that you can't benefit from an additional mirror on the custom cabinet you're looking to purchase.

Obviously, a mirror on the bottom of a cabinet will have to sacrifice a lot of drawer space, as it won't be able to support very much weight above it. However, if you have a mirror on the top of your cabinet, it's important that it isn't too large. Otherwise, the whole cabinet and mirror will be very top-heavy and prone to toppling.

Ball Bearing Slides On Roll-out Drawers

In contrast to traditional drawers, roll-out drawers are connected to metal rails that allow them to be opened and closed more smoothly and easily. While making your custom cabinet exclusively use roll-out drawers will drive up costs slightly, the added ease of use is well worth it if you're planning to store a lot of items in your drawers.

While most roll-out drawers use plastic wheels, you can get a more expensive version that utilizes ball bearings in metal slides connected to the rails. Ball bearing slide drawers are even smoother and more durable than normal roll-out drawers.

If you're not willing to make all of your drawers have have metal slides with ball-bearings, prioritize the drawers near the top of of your cabinet over those near the bottom. The reasoning behind this is that it's always hard to open drawers close to the floor smoothly anyway, even when you're leaning down for the purpose.

Built-in Garbage Bin

Instead of having an ugly garbage bin in the middle of your bathroom, why not build one into your custom cabinet? This will both free up space and improve your bathroom's appearance.

The most common and effective way to include a garbage bin in a custom cabinet is through a large, rectangular compartment near the floor that opens downward like an oven. This configuration is ideal because the garbage bag can be spread over the entire space rather than on an additional bin inside. A compartment that opens sideways wouldn't be able to support a garbage bag on its own without an additional heavy panel on the bottom.

A custom cabinet with all the right features can revitalize even the most drab bathroom. Even if you're not swimming in cash, don't be afraid to spend a little more money in order to completely optimize a new bathroom cabinet. To get started designing the perfect cabinet, contact a company like Millbrook Cabinetry Custom Cabinets.